Fill - In

Regular Fill in$35
LCN Regular Fill In$40
LCN R. Fill In with Color$50
LCN French Fill In$60

New Set

Wraps Set$60
LCN Set/Extension$100/$110
LCN French Set/Extension$120/$130


Peppermint : $40

This stimulating treatment cools & relaxes stressed out skin while alleviating swollen & tired feet with its soothing properties. Natural minerals stimulate the circulation to achieve vibrant skin.
(Hot stone Massage included Callus Peel extra $10)

Green Tea : $45

Rejuvenate and relax with nature’s greenest anti-aging remedy. Green Tea’s rich antioxidants and powerful healing properties boost your skin’s immunity and protect it from free radicals.
(10 min. Reflexology with Hot stone Massage, Callus Peel extra $10)

Silky Milk : $60

Enjoy the multitude of extraordinary skin-improving benefits of milk. Naturally occurring beta- hydroxide acids and enzymes act as an excellent skin defoliant. Vitamins A, D, E, essential proteins and antioxidants naturally cleanse, fortify and maximize moisture in your skin.
(15 min. Reflexology with Hot stone Massage, Callus Peel included)

Purisma : $ 70

Purissima organic spa pedicure line is a remarkable line of certified organic pedicure products. These wonderful products draw on the wisdom of phytotherapy and aromatherapy to create and maintain radiant, healthy, glowing, smooth skin.
(20 min. Reflexology with Hot stone Massage, Callus Peel included)

Organic : $90

Naturally hydrating with Argon oil from Mcrocco and Botanical Extracts moisturize and leaveskin feeling Silky and smooth. Helps to heal, regenerate, and condition skin leaving it beautiful and hydrated.(20 min. Reflexology with Hot stone Massage,
(10 min. Arms Massage Callus Peel included)